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Xdance with me in tragedyX
24 November 2011 @ 01:30 pm
You know, try as you might, some things never change at all. 

Then again, sometimes everything changes and there is not a single way to reverse it. 
Xdance with me in tragedyX
29 October 2004 @ 12:40 am
due to recent events, this journal has become FRIENDS ONLY.


but i can't stand not being able to write what i want to without some individuals flipping out.


Xdance with me in tragedyX
16 October 2004 @ 10:31 pm
worked today. so, when i heard what dave got paid i became infuriated. at the end of the night i talked to kandi about being moved to setup...i don't think she's going to do it. she told me when she got more servers she'd think about it. *sigh* she tried telling me the guys made the same amount. i couldn't say anything because we're not supposed to know what each other get paid. so i just nodded and persisted i wanted setup. lol. if nothing else, i'm glad i atleast said something. it makes me feel like i grew balls and tried even when i knew that nothing would be done. bleh. i need a new job. i hate working with food. and i hate it worse knowing that every paycheck i get will be atleast $100 less than the guys. fuck you, IH; you're sexist bastards.

i'm tired.

i'm grumpy.

i'm bleeding and my uterus hurts.


<_< go figure. i recieved a letter from bcc stating that i needed to send them my hs transcripts asap -_-; for the financial aid business. and i need to. i keep putting it oooffffff.
Xdance with me in tragedyX
13 October 2004 @ 07:33 pm
today woke up at 1pm. played a few test games of magic with brian (he wants to go to states next weekend >_>) came home around 3 and went thrift shopping until 7. i found this baaaaadass old skool transformers shirt. i was so pleased <3 i found 2 shirts to sell on ebay...because i WAS supposed to be shopping for my ebay business but i'll be damned if i don't want to keep almost everything i buy...hehhhh.

i came home. and here i am. being bored and for some odd reason, a little tired. i guess shopping takes a lot out of you..no..it's more like the stress of driving on courtney...god i wish there was a way to completely avoid going on that road. it's so hectic!

that's it. i need to go by adult ed tomorrow and have them send my transcripts to bcc so i can take the little enrollment test deal. i've procrastinated long enough...

Xdance with me in tragedyX
12 October 2004 @ 08:57 pm
i died my hair copperish brown. it looks better than the highlighting so i guess it's alright. for now. i want to put some blonde into it, but i think i'll go up to bcc to have it done. i don't trust myself -_-;

yesterday i bought tickets for the bad religion/rise against show at the HOB. omg. i just about pissed myself when she told me it'd be $75 for 3 tickets. like $20 in service fees. it's such bs, but i know if we waited and tried getting tickets there we'd be screwed. bleh.

i worked today; it was rather enjoyable now that eleanor is gone from our lives for good. her "cave" actually looks more office-like now. heh...we had a lot of fun, i don't think i've laughed so much at work. =D so i work saturday and sunday too..i'm so glad i have some time off this week. i burnt myself out majoryly last week--and i'm glad today made up for it. ^_^

i had to get rinoa fixed today. i thought it would cost me like $40 and it ended up costing me more like $60 -_-; eesh. i've spent a lot of money the past couple weeks. i hate money. i'm hoping my check this thursday is good enough to buy a plane ticket to houston..and enough so that i'll have atleast $10 worth of gas for my car -_-; i really need to get that ticket asap before the cheap ones sell out >_< i really don't want to have to drive. i'm kind of scared =*(

my mum is having ear surgery on nov 3rd...my poor mum...she's had it worked on before...but something went wrong and now she has to have the same procedure again...she's going deaf =( everytime she has one of these things done her rate of recovery deminishes =/

well i'll be shoving off now..

Xdance with me in tragedyX
09 October 2004 @ 12:41 am
awwe. vader is crying outside my door. little bastard! i'd like to see him get past my barricade xD. he's so cute/obnoxious =) cute in an obnoxious way? oh yes. <3


i am so tired of work. BUT it turns out kandi fired eleanore????????????? rumor has it that it was done today, and it's all the rage around the imperial. it's kind of sad though..the last thing she heard as she walked out the door was me saying "bye eleanore, have a good night." and her mumbling "thanks". -_-;

so we had an hor devours party tonight. lots of alcoholic beverages all around. brian decided to drink a lot..so did dave and kevin..but i decided to have a small margarita...because..i really don't like being intoxicated. it just isn't fun for me..besides the fact that i really don't like the taste. at all. it tastes like toxin. BLEH. but LOL kevin was bartending tonight and he's so damn funny when he's drunk. he had an umbrella in his hair and a lay around his neck..and then i saw him later and he had the lay tied around his head. i was like "...O_O" someone asked him if he was gay. and then there was "fresh prince of belair" that kept hitting on him. oh my. and then there was "limbo girl" who might i add was really hot! O_O heh.

and then there was the obscure fat old man that hit on me. like they always do.
him: so what are you doing just standing there?
me: er...hard at work.
him: you're too gorgeous to be just standing there. you should be dancing! i bet your boss would love that.
me: you have no idea.
then he tried to make some conversation. i blew him off as kindly as a could (which wasn't too kind after all) i'm such a bitch >_> and then there was the geeky wigger guy who asked meh for my number. i was like..umknothnx <3

so i decided i'm going to fly to houston instead. i need to talk to kaeti about details..i don't want to be stuck without a place to stay >_<...or without a ride home from the airport...i think i would walk all the way to her house and kill her. LOL =D anyway, i can get a roundtrip for about $230 if i get it like asap.

Xdance with me in tragedyX
06 October 2004 @ 12:06 am
ah, work. it's a lovely thing to have after weeks of absolutely nothing. this week i'm working monday-saturday. 4-cl, and 11:30-cl. i need the money, though, for my trip to houston..so i'm not complaining =)

i decided to hilight my hair today. at midnight. LOL. brian was so grouchy about it, it was funny. i guess that's because he was the one that had to pull my hair through almost 150 holes O_O. he did a lot of stabbing me in the head on "accident". and pulling my hair. very disgruntled. =P

i dun know if i like the hilights yet >_< i think it might look sort of dumb. but then again, it always looks kind of weird for a few days, and then ends up looking sweet =)

well that's about it. i bought 18v's cd..but i'm not sure if i like it. i guess it's alright--it just sounds like radio music. heh...

Xdance with me in tragedyX
03 October 2004 @ 09:39 pm
rinoa is going into heat. my grandmother is getting really annoying about the whole ordeal. she keeps telling me that i need to get her fixed and i keep telling her that i haven't had the money until this past thursday. grawr. so she's like "you need to call tomorrow morning blah blah blah" and i'm like. yes, i know that. and i planned on doing that. i hate when she walks in here and tells me what i "have" to do. it's like grandma, i know. you're being obnoxious. >_< i know i have to get ze cat fixed. i can see that. but when you don't have money it's hard to get one fixed with just YOUR LOOKS. thanks. we had 3 hurricanes hit us which cancelled out work for WEEKS. duh. i had to survive without you here for a month and a half on about $200. which was from my last paycheck. psh.

today was brian's birthday. i woke up at 2:30 and went over to the mall in search of what i wanted to get him. i looked through a lot of stores and was starting to get upset...when finally i found what i was looking for--this awesome dragon sculpture with a light-up orb deal that rotates from purple-blue-green-aqua. it's badass. and drained my wallet. -_-;

i decided i'm going to houston over christmas...from the 15th-22nd. i'm going to talk to kandi and ask her if it's alright that i take off those days and...if she lets me have those days i'll work on christmas -_-;. so i'm saving atleast $30 a paycheck until that time rolls around..and i'm taking it out cash and stashing it away so i don't get debit card happy >_> heh. i'm driving so i need to get some things fixed on my car (esp the hoses) i'm so excited xD

well i'm out. >_> for now.

Xdance with me in tragedyX
02 October 2004 @ 11:33 pm
i wrote some pretty harsh things in here about roy. i wrote some pretty untrue things as well. i guess he read some of these things, and now he despises my very existence. i'm not shocked. i would despise my very existence myself if i read something like that about me. >_<

what can i say but i have managed to hurt myself so many times with the angel that it's a commonplace thing when i relate to him. hurt. pain. love. that's what i feel when i think about him. indifference? no. it's never indifference. i feel cold all over. i never thought i'd stop shaking. why does he still have this effect on me?

he broke my heart as much as i broke his. why doesn't he understand that? i guess i'm the silly one here. the silly one that forgives so easily, the silly one that would give up everything for one more sweet kiss. i would give up my life here--everything i've fought so hard to create..i would trade everything for his sweetness again.

but who am i kidding? again, see silly girl. everything written in this journal is silly. we had made progress only to have it smashed again by my harsh words. now perhaps he is truly lost.

angel. who refuses to be my angel.

angel who would set me ablaze, rather than fall with me into sweet oblivion once more.

Current Mood: doomed
Xdance with me in tragedyX
24 September 2004 @ 10:36 pm
... i just want to squeeze the LIFE out of him.

how cute is he?
pretty fucking cute, i'd say xD
and just because i got bored and felt like messing around in photoshoppppppp

another hurricane is going to hit us. lovely...-_-;