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16 October 2004 @ 10:31 pm
worked today. so, when i heard what dave got paid i became infuriated. at the end of the night i talked to kandi about being moved to setup...i don't think she's going to do it. she told me when she got more servers she'd think about it. *sigh* she tried telling me the guys made the same amount. i couldn't say anything because we're not supposed to know what each other get paid. so i just nodded and persisted i wanted setup. lol. if nothing else, i'm glad i atleast said something. it makes me feel like i grew balls and tried even when i knew that nothing would be done. bleh. i need a new job. i hate working with food. and i hate it worse knowing that every paycheck i get will be atleast $100 less than the guys. fuck you, IH; you're sexist bastards.

i'm tired.

i'm grumpy.

i'm bleeding and my uterus hurts.


<_< go figure. i recieved a letter from bcc stating that i needed to send them my hs transcripts asap -_-; for the financial aid business. and i need to. i keep putting it oooffffff.
lamentromantics on October 17th, 2004 03:24 am (UTC)
wow your walking the 5 days of death just like me...O_o