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12 October 2004 @ 08:57 pm
i died my hair copperish brown. it looks better than the highlighting so i guess it's alright. for now. i want to put some blonde into it, but i think i'll go up to bcc to have it done. i don't trust myself -_-;

yesterday i bought tickets for the bad religion/rise against show at the HOB. omg. i just about pissed myself when she told me it'd be $75 for 3 tickets. like $20 in service fees. it's such bs, but i know if we waited and tried getting tickets there we'd be screwed. bleh.

i worked today; it was rather enjoyable now that eleanor is gone from our lives for good. her "cave" actually looks more office-like now. heh...we had a lot of fun, i don't think i've laughed so much at work. =D so i work saturday and sunday too..i'm so glad i have some time off this week. i burnt myself out majoryly last week--and i'm glad today made up for it. ^_^

i had to get rinoa fixed today. i thought it would cost me like $40 and it ended up costing me more like $60 -_-; eesh. i've spent a lot of money the past couple weeks. i hate money. i'm hoping my check this thursday is good enough to buy a plane ticket to houston..and enough so that i'll have atleast $10 worth of gas for my car -_-; i really need to get that ticket asap before the cheap ones sell out >_< i really don't want to have to drive. i'm kind of scared =*(

my mum is having ear surgery on nov 3rd...my poor mum...she's had it worked on before...but something went wrong and now she has to have the same procedure again...she's going deaf =( everytime she has one of these things done her rate of recovery deminishes =/

well i'll be shoving off now..

lamentromantics on October 13th, 2004 06:01 am (UTC)
awe poor mum, tell her i hope she gets better!

yes buy the damn ticket cause i <3 and miss you and we are going out every night and shit like that.

mucho grande love, your pimp,

kaeti. bitches.