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09 October 2004 @ 12:41 am
awwe. vader is crying outside my door. little bastard! i'd like to see him get past my barricade xD. he's so cute/obnoxious =) cute in an obnoxious way? oh yes. <3


i am so tired of work. BUT it turns out kandi fired eleanore????????????? rumor has it that it was done today, and it's all the rage around the imperial. it's kind of sad though..the last thing she heard as she walked out the door was me saying "bye eleanore, have a good night." and her mumbling "thanks". -_-;

so we had an hor devours party tonight. lots of alcoholic beverages all around. brian decided to drink a lot..so did dave and kevin..but i decided to have a small margarita...because..i really don't like being intoxicated. it just isn't fun for me..besides the fact that i really don't like the taste. at all. it tastes like toxin. BLEH. but LOL kevin was bartending tonight and he's so damn funny when he's drunk. he had an umbrella in his hair and a lay around his neck..and then i saw him later and he had the lay tied around his head. i was like "...O_O" someone asked him if he was gay. and then there was "fresh prince of belair" that kept hitting on him. oh my. and then there was "limbo girl" who might i add was really hot! O_O heh.

and then there was the obscure fat old man that hit on me. like they always do.
him: so what are you doing just standing there?
me: er...hard at work.
him: you're too gorgeous to be just standing there. you should be dancing! i bet your boss would love that.
me: you have no idea.
then he tried to make some conversation. i blew him off as kindly as a could (which wasn't too kind after all) i'm such a bitch >_> and then there was the geeky wigger guy who asked meh for my number. i was like..umknothnx <3

so i decided i'm going to fly to houston instead. i need to talk to kaeti about details..i don't want to be stuck without a place to stay >_<...or without a ride home from the airport...i think i would walk all the way to her house and kill her. LOL =D anyway, i can get a roundtrip for about $230 if i get it like asap.

lamentromantics on October 12th, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)
-_- jesus christ ill pic your ass up...if your commin ginto continetal...ill have to kill you...but then we can stop by michaels and kill him...O_o and yeah you can stay with me...-_- gah..im outtat shcoll on december 5th for like a month...

yeah i know typos but im to lazy to fix them...and i couldnt resist, i got down and busy with chris...@_@