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06 October 2004 @ 12:06 am
ah, work. it's a lovely thing to have after weeks of absolutely nothing. this week i'm working monday-saturday. 4-cl, and 11:30-cl. i need the money, though, for my trip to houston..so i'm not complaining =)

i decided to hilight my hair today. at midnight. LOL. brian was so grouchy about it, it was funny. i guess that's because he was the one that had to pull my hair through almost 150 holes O_O. he did a lot of stabbing me in the head on "accident". and pulling my hair. very disgruntled. =P

i dun know if i like the hilights yet >_< i think it might look sort of dumb. but then again, it always looks kind of weird for a few days, and then ends up looking sweet =)

well that's about it. i bought 18v's cd..but i'm not sure if i like it. i guess it's alright--it just sounds like radio music. heh...